Current Television Series and Features in Development


MCP Productions will co produce with Corey Marr Productions, DCP Mystery Arts and Port Films in Ireland, a feature written and directed by Matthew Bisonnette and starring Gabriel Byrne, Bryan Gleeson, Karelle Tremblay and Antoine Olivier Pilon. The film will be shot in Montreal and Ireland in early 2019.

A troubled college professor’s life takes a series of unimaginable turns when he begins to have surreal hallucinations and learns he may not be long for this world. Project is presently in pre production.



LE MANEGE, written par Gaëlle d’Ynglemare  has received funding for development from Sodec. LE MANEGE is inspired from the real life story of Stephanie Raymond. It tells the story of a young army corporal who sued her superior for sexual agression. She was then then been persecuted by her peers, intimidated and humiliated for more than 2 years before she was dismissed from the army with dishonour.


Written by Pat Kiely (Three Night Stand, Someone else's wedding), THE BREAK has recently received 'polish and packaging' from the Harold Greenberg Fund.  This modern romantic comedy tells the story of a bicoastal coupe.After a move to Los Angeles doesn’t go as planned, Max and Beth decide to take a break. (presently packaging)


ETHEL’S ORCHESTRA is the incredible untold story of Ethel Stark and her Montreal Women’s Symphony Orchestra, who together demolished class and racial barriers and shattered the glass ceiling for women in orchestra music under an international spotlight. Written by Celeste Parr, the project is presently in development.